MMI VII tourney

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i'm bummed i couldn't make it yesterday ... heard it was a rough one.
Dumptruck posted one photo so far, which apparently sums up the day a bit for madison's teams. .

oh and ben's bike finally bit it


First off thanks to Madison and Chicago for coming up to play some polo as we start to get warmed up for this what hopes to be a crazy fun season of tournaments!

Also like to thank Christian, our PBR rep, for bringing prizes and beer and hanging out all weekend with us!

We had 7 teams register which I was slightly disappointed in (thought we’d have more mke teams but lots of folks were super hungover/still drunk following the Friday Breakaway Party and the race on Saturday and after party).

We played round robin so every team played every other then seeded brackets off of those records with the top team getting a bye the first round of brackets.

List of registrants-City-Team name-Round robin record
Jake, Joe, Crandall- MKE- Team Pabst 6-0
Dumptruck, Tucker, Shay- MKE/CHI- Team Camo 1-5
Lucky, Ben S., Joe- CHI- Team Schlitz 4-2
Zack, Guthrie, Feih- MKE- Team Elephant 2-4
Sam, Brian, Kremin- MKE- Team King Cobras 4-1
Birdie, Andrew, Jamie-MAD- Team Woodchuck 0-6
Neal, Leif, Ben Hunter-MAD- Team Dirty English 3-2

Quarterfinals matches:winners listed first

Schlitz VS Woodchuck

King Cobras VS Camo

Dirty English VS Elephant

Pabst BYE

Semifinals: winners listed first

Schlitz VS King Cobras

Pabst VS Dirty English

3rd Place match
Dirty English VS King Cobras

Championship match
Pabst VS Schlitz

-Games were to 5 pts or 12 minutes for the Round Robin
-Games in Brackets all went first to 5, we had extended the time limit to 20 minutes but no one went to time without getting 5 points soooo....

Final game was 5-0 Won by Team Pabst over Schlitz as the sun was dipping down below the trees.

any other stuff you guys all wanna bring about discuss...
pictures links would be awesome too.


thanks to chicago and madison for coming out it was great fun and i'm glad we could all go home in one peace and happy.- kremin

You're welcome.

I'll tell ya: I like throwing big tournaments and playing in small ones. It's great to get a coupla games in with nearly everyone in a day. Even though it's a little hard on my body.

Some tips for long format competition:
1. Don't put two people over thirty on the same team.
2. Spend the breaks between games stretching and hydrating. Not drinking and talking to girls.


I wasn't logged in. The above was from Lucky.

had a blast

i had a blast, i was an asshole apparently, but fuck it.

just so you know lucky, we could have beaten you, i was just being nice.

jacob, there was no way we could have touched you

i would like to say that no one has ever looked as good as me wrecking in polo that me, i wish there was a 5 sec clip.

dumptruck thanks for catching that. it means alot to me that all these other shits will remember it forever

oh and watch out NYC, were coming, and were gona kick your butts all over you face

From the Seattle Bike Polo

From the Seattle Bike Polo web site:

"The idea behind polo is finesse and skill. Staying on the pedals and communicating with your team is the goal. Rubbing elbows and shoulders is part of the game, but crashing should be avoided ideally. It’s inevitable, but the more you play, the more your skills develop. Rivalries keep things interesting, but unnecessary roughness is no fun. After all, we’ve all got to go to work tomorrow morning right?"

You certainly do make some spectacular plays Ben, but you throw yourself at the ball as if you were going to make a spectacular play every time you come across it. I'd guess that it works out for you maybe 25-30% of the time. If that's worth it to you, hey, it's your body.

The best game of the day for me was between Schlitz and King Cobra. Played to a tie and then lost with a movie-perfect pass and shoot from the corner around and under everyone. I can't remember a single crash in that whole match. It was elegant.

I'm looking for your picture

I'm looking for your picture to show some of my kids at school. I have some that are interested in bike polo.
Miss you and love you.
Aunt Sandy

one sided coverage

i realize this is a madison webpage but the picture on the post about the recap of the MMI 7 tourney should be this one...of the CHAMPS- Team Pabst!
MMI 7 Bike polo Champions-Team Pabst not ben's broken bike and him flying like a maniac into the fence

when i posted that photo

when i posted that photo above it was the only one available online....

but congrats on the victory jake. you might as well enjoy the feeling of victory while it lasts, which of course won't be very long.

ohhh we'll see about that

we also plan on winning the 4ths if its "small ball" as planned.

then right on to the worlds!!!!!!

ohh i also forgot to show everyone from out of town my bike polo tattoo!


lets see it.

whip it out

Shouldn't you...

...have the label facing out on that victory Pabst? Didn't your corporate handlers tell you that?

That was really fun, despite

That was really fun, despite all the yelling.

I was high as hell at the end, though.