MWBPC IV map and schedule


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May 3rd 2008

9:30am breakfast and pickup games

10:30am announcements

10:45am round robin begins

1pm food will be set up---sandwiches, soup, beer.

3pm-ish playoff bracket begins

6pm-ish final game

8:30pm dinner at RP's Pasta, 1133 wilson St. they will stop taking orders at 9pm but we can stay there longer.

After dinner: move to Mickey's Tavern, 1524 Williamson St. (go east on Wilson two blocks until it becomes the bike path then follow the bike path one block, turn right, and you're there).

Most impressive...

...your organization and time management skills are much appreciated - especially from those making a commute on saturday.

dinner is at 830 not 730

and we can order for 30 min, but there is only one choice, there making a vegatarian special for us. also we may be able to order the antipasta plate and a few other things but the idea is we all deat the same, and there is beer and wine, and its the workers who have taken on the extra work for us to be able to do this so make sure to tip