Photos from CMWC 2008

Photos from CMWC 2008

more to come soon ...

Here's the full

Here's the full set:

I didn't get too much polo action. There are some decent ones of pickup games with the MKE kids, and some good ones of people and bikes, and, of course, the Hunter kids ...

Oh wait,

Is that a picture of Jonny? I barely recognize him.

Guessing this has something to do with the call for more "calmness" in the games?

What happened?

yea, the game was intense,

yea, the game was intense, but at the same time i cant come to the conclusion that it was too intense. i was fucking pissed as shit at paul when i saw jonny and then heard that he had hit him.

i tried to calm down, by riding in a circle on my bike over and over thinking about what had happened, but for some reason that didn't work.

i think that things got intense, but at the same time they were good. Im not sure if i think it was too rough, there was definitely some bs, as referenced by brian and the jackass, some of which i was part of.

i felt like paul had tried to inflict damage on jonny and that made me really upset, the reason why i was willing to believe that was cause of the intensity, kevin walsh dove off his bike at doug cause he felt he made a nasty check.

so i dont know how i feel, im still waiting to look at the video.

i feel doug's check on ben

i feel doug's check on ben was "clean", but i couldn't stop myself from checking him back pretty hard, in a way that might also be considered legit in the rules but generally pretty stupid. besides, i bore the worst brunt of that check. same goes for the next shoulder check i delivered against Paul a few minutes later, in the mindset of collective punishment.

i had a good discussion with Brian W tonight. generally there are a few basic ideas that he and i agree will help a lot:

1) no purposeful bike-on-bike contact. simply put, there is no situation that justifies it.

2) no body-on-body or stick-on-stick contact away from the ball. we don't need swordfights, or a demolition derby.

3) two types of penalties:

- tapping out for minor infractions (self-regulated, like when you accidentally pull someone's wheel out from underneath them when going for the ball).

- for more important infractions, a ref would call for a change of possession. it would work the same way as if the team that suffered the infraction had been scored against--with free possession until one of their players or the ball crosses the centre line.

Last weekend... St Louis there was a t-bone at the goal. A defensive player rammed an offensive player to stop a shot. People agreed it was BS, so after everyone was up again, the offense took the possession at half court.

Glad to see we're thinking along the same lines.

But, for tournaments, especially big tournaments, we're gonna need some referees. How should we vet them and what authority should they have? As interested in fair play as I am, I don't make a great ref cos I have weak eyesight and I've never found a great place to be on the court to see nought but goals.

black eyes

Yeah, i took an elbow to the face. I'm sure it was accidental and of all the things in that game that seemed out of whack i think paul's elbow was fairly incidental. It is crazy that we have played those guys three times now and every single match degrades until we hardly play polo anymore. I think our styles clash a lot and it makes it really tough for the game to progress.

I agree with Kevin and Brian on the rules, i think we only need reffing for the last 8 games of a tournament and it could be pretty much anyone. I'm not sure that change of possession does much because the team with the ball is normally the one fouled. Also i think that we should have a rule that says mallet to mallet contact has to be on the ball as well.


temporary high quality here:

- max

what about the goal

i think a reasonable mallet on mallet in the goal should be fine,as well as uber clean checks. besides that i agree with kev and brian.