NYC in Madison


New Years Party dec 31-jan 1

Tournament Jan 2,3, and 4th

format is to be determined, but with three days of polo with both indoor and outdoor games, competitive and friendly

special mini tourney hosted on Jan 1st, teams must consist of three players all from different cities. first team to 100 goals wins.

1000$ us cash prize for winner of NYC in Madison. 250$ for the destruction of Team Doug et al and Team Stoners from ottawa, 10$ to philly if they even show up

BikePolo_Mockup1.pdf1.54 MB

My husband and I checked you

My husband and I checked you guys out last night and y'all are great! Keep it up!

Do you guys play more matches for people to watch? Have good days and good luck today!

where at?

where does this take place?
might drop by for a while tomorrow.


Thanks to Madison for their hospitality this weekend. You guys were fantastic. I hope to see you all on the courts very soon. Come to Minneapolis anytime, we'd love to host.

Sven from Minneapolis

MKE- Hero Squad WINS!

MKE- Hero Squad WINS! Hero squad wins MYC in Mad