Bike Ballet

2 v 2 Tourney in MKE

Check out the Breakaway Courier tourney in MKE on March 27th. If you're really feeling bold, sign up for a spot to play by following the directions on the League of Bike Polo website!

They did it right in the '80s

Bike Polo in Washington Post

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Thanks Bret for pointing out the recent Washington Post article about Bike Polo. A few familiar name drops and a shout out to Madison, WI!

Check it out... Washington Post

Bench Minor Pics

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Click the pic for more photos from Dane.

Thanks Dane!!!!

Day after New Years Day Bench Minor

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Bench Minor

Check out for more info/contacts.

Thanks Derek!!!


A big thanks to Derek Brown for letting us use the warehouse space we're in right now for the winter.

Derek runs a health-wellness/fitness program called The Machine 6 days a week and would love it if you went and checked out one of his classes.

Thanks Derek!!!

Can you spot the polo game?


HINT: Check out 0:24!

mad bike polo Indoor for the Winter!!!

The Sacking of Arthur Ross


Recently, City of Madison Bike/Pedestrian Saftey Coordinator Arthur Ross was informed that he would no longer have a job as of mid 2011 as a result of a "budget measure" proposed my Mayor Dave. Arthur has been serving the city of Madison for 25+ years and is one of Madison's biggest bike advocates. It's a shame that his dedication to Madison and its bike community has been sneered at so openly by the Mayor and those on the Common Council who voted in favor of terminating his position.