Mallet Prototype number 5

One advantage to working out in the sticks (aside from getting to walk along a geode and fossil filled creekside at lunchtime) is that the plumbing supply stores out there carry ABS pipe and fittings. I just completed this little beauty: 2 1/4" diameter, 5 3/4" long, closed ends, "trap"-style shuffle surface, recessed shaft cross bolt, it's everything I was trying to accomplish with much more complicated/expensive designs, materials, and manufacturing processes.

Photos from CMWC 2008

Photos from CMWC 2008

more to come soon ...

mad bike polo is not our team name

just for the record.

I have a string of thoughts from the past few days

* tourneys should be run by committee, it is too much for one or two people to take on and it sucks for one or two individuals to have to make split decisions, that often times due to lack of sleep, general chaos, stress, and ignorance, they are not qualified to make. leaving players and teams pissed at someone whose fault its really not...

* polo and messenger races need to be their own separate thing. if the happen to coincide at the same time fine, but neither should make concessions to the other, way to many people don't give a shit about polo, and i don't give a shit about races, unless joe wins.

CMWC Bike Polo Results

Hopefully more detail later.
1st - NYC - Doug, Paul and Zach
2nd - East Vancouver - Paul, Rory and a third
3rd - Madison/Milwaukee - Didn't play the match probably will never get a chance to because kevin and crandle are now leaving their respected cities.

CMWC Polo update

Polo at Alexendria Park

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So things are off to a rocking start. We rolled into the polo scene yesterday and played pick up games for about 6 hours. The courts were nuts, super slippery and nice and long. It took a bit of time but things came through well. It was really fun to kick it with all the polo folks. Lots of friends now in the scene and i feel that we are building a nice little community here.

Ben polo 1

Ben polo 1

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So Jon K. from jonny cycles has been a really good friend to Madison Bike polo. He has brazed ben's bike, bent forks for me and helped me rake the mallets and sponsored our tournaments. Plus he helps us order parts too so we can have the polo bikes we have. Be has been playing on a new bike for the last few tournaments and months because he cracked his » read more | jonnyhunter's blog | 2 comments |

Good Luck to all my Mid West Polo Peeps!

Chicago, Cincinnati, Dayton, Madison, Milwaukee; I want all y'all to play hard and have fun. Can't wait for friendlies later this summer so I can pick up on what you've learned from playing with the coasties (like, how to beat 'em in tourneys).

Someone please oh please bring a laptop and post updates or get Brian to. St Louis won't be coming, so I need my fix! Stats, standings, pics, and video.

Mad Bike Polo Bikes

Doug over at Hardcourt Bike Polo Dot Com has been taking some photos of bikes that are used for polo. I figured i would follow up on this and take some new photos of bikes that we use here in madison. There are a couple more but for now this is what we have. Photo set here

A Few Opinions On Bike Polo

Ban the Ball Joint

No timed games past the quarter finals

No off the ball contact

No checking from behind

Get rid of pylon goals

less messenger bags and mallets(only because mallets are a pretty personal item, i basically took the mallets we won in DC and refitted them for our players specifications) as prizes, more wheels, frames and spokes, tubes, tires, cranks and freewheels

Players who are showing serious anger and retaliating should be kicked out of the game there needs to be a process to initiate this.

Mallet to Mallet is fine but whacking a mallet should be banned

The Midwest Championships

I'm going to be throwing out a few ideas here. First i think it is time that we only hold one midwest tournament a year. The Championships has been held together by Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison and now it seems like St. Louis is in it for the long haul. That is great but in order to bring more cities in and more teams for participating cities i propose that we make the tournament a once a year contest. This will provide more hype and better sponsorship opportunities to the tournament. This means that we hold the fall tournament in St. Louis in October/November and then next fall the next one is held in the city that either wins its choice or rather a delegation puts in a bid. On top of that i think we should hold the tournament earlier in the year, say early october or september, nice weather little chance of rain and not a lot of other tournaments in the play at that time. Obviously that would have to be picked out in the future but it is an idea.