Flying lessons

This is what you have made me do

more photos here

I was hoping the ball joint would become an illegal move. But, i tend to be one of the those pragmatic types and i figured it would be in my interest to use what resources i have to improve my game. I see a lot of potential for where this is going so i have come up with a few improvements to my mallet in order to use the Ball Joint in ways that will give me more of an advantage. Jon K. from Jonny Cycles helped me design and build this mallet. We are ordering some titanium tubes for the final version.

Im published bike polo author

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hey polo players-
i wrote this article that appeared in the Wisconsin Bicyclist vol 14/no 1 spring 2008

wrote it while at work and for work so im a professional up jerks!


memorial day 2vs2 tourney in milwaukee

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if anyone wants to come out to milwaukee on monday memorial day to grill out and play some 2 v 2 at the pumping station court your invited.
im thinking around noonish show up drink some beer and form teams then play some games of bike polo. maybe some croquet too!

chicago may be sending up some folks so madison should rep with a few too if you dont already have plans

-Capt Jake

Rules conference '08

As the regional games come together at big tournaments this summer, some of the subtle and gross differences in styles of play will cause some friction. Lets hear from those who've played away from their own courts and have examples, questions, and solutions to offer up for discussion.

2 minutes of fame


this was shot on the morning of the MWBPC IV a couple weeks ago. nice camera work, funny narration that could only be done by a local news sports crew .... a couple good clips of the videos of some of the morning games.

Elephant Polo

I thought i would follow up kevin's blog post on car polo with another polo variation. I bet we could take these guys on bikes but i might not want to play bike to elephant contact.

bike polo > car polo


someone just sent me this series of photos:

joe meets the fence




Photo by Roxy Erickson

1st: Mercenaries (Chicago/Brooklyn)
2nd: The Militia (Madison)
3rd: Hero Squad 2 (MKE)

More detailed write-up to follow, and probably a lot more photos too.