ski poles

I'll say this just once more: call those central Wisconsin ski resorts and ask about going through their old rental equipment. Ben and I went out to a trash mountain place last night and picked these 120 decent to great poles out of a few hundred that had been laying around for a few years. The rental shop guy charged us 20 dollars.

first day with the roller hockey ball


Jonny built up about a dozen awesome mallets, but we still have to work on getting lighter more modern ski poles.

We also need to get the right balls, cause we busted through two orange balls today that are too hard/brittle for the 32ºF weather.

I found myself looking down at the ball a lot more than usual, and i'm so far frustrated at not having a hockey-style angle on my mallet for stick-handling, and being able to keep my head up to look around. also i was surprised by the amount of ricocheting and bouncing and chasing after the wild ball... means a lot more biking than before. i think the big ball game is still faster, but less going in tight circles.

And despite a big spill when my chain snapped, it was a good start...

winter classic photos etc

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If you have photos online somewhere, post a comment with a links to them.

awesome day, thanks all...

The Winter Classic (change of date: Feb 17)

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Teams of three, but not all players may come from the same city.

Prizes TBA, but at least one team will walk away with a "CMWC/Post-American-Apocalypse Survival Kit" containing some cold hard Canadian currency and a jerry can of 100% Venezuelan high-octane gasoline.

Tournament will be played "big ball" style.

More details to come, keep your eye on this space. Announce your teams here in a comment.

my new polo bike

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recent photograph of my new polo rig that i just finished building.

Bike Polo in Galway in the 1930s

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Galway courthouse squareI learned only recently that my grandfather played a lot of polo in Ireland. Yesterday i had the chance to ask him more about it, and i recorded it. So here he is talking about playing hardcourt polo on the Courthouse Square in Galway in the 1930s and the inspiration and equipment they got from the awesome Gaelic sport, hurling.

Jake I got the drunk dial again

Good job with the smack talk, hopefully this photo isn't too painful.

we got a new polo court

The snow and ice at the Thunderdome has almost melted away, but in the meantime we have found a new location for backup, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright no less. Click for more photos.

Polo holiday party

Holiday POLO friendlies/Holiday party
Sunday january 6th
Milwaukee, WI
1pm at "The Garage"
Polo as usual with added friends welcome and some potluck style type of thing.
bring booze, hot chocolate, "christmas trees", handwarmers,toe warmers, and snacks!



cancel that, see you in Feb?

We're pretty iced under so we're not feeling too hopeful about polo this Sunday. The foot of snow isn't too hard to deal with, but there's three inches of ice underneath it that is pretty much impossible to remove.

So, Milwaukee and Chicago: might be best to stay home this weekend. We'll make sure to stay on top of any ice removal, if necessary, for the February 10 winter classic. I'll suggest to the peeps here to maybe drive to Milwaukee to play on Sunday in yer garage? what time?