dec 1 polo (updated)

These photos are all by Max or me.

26x1.75" slicks are probably the worst tires possible in such conditions, no traction whatsoever. they sucked for polo too.

we'll be friendly to non-midwesterners too

Madison is calling Friendlies for Dec. 9th

So in interest of having some good old fashion midwest fun the Mad Bike Polo Collective is hosting a game of friendlies between all interested cities on the 9th of December, 2007 CE. This will be in celebration of the holiday season and how bike polo has brought us together. Games start at noon, at Reynolds Park on the Thunder Dome. The court is heated so no worries about snow on the court. Food and beverages will be provided by our collective. Email or just post here for more information.

it's a hard knock life

hoodlum, originally uploaded by max.pritikin.

warming technology

Rookie of the year, originally uploaded by kev_walsh.

bakesale this saturday

hey every one crandeall and megan. plus crash, joe and his girlfriends mom are comming to madison to host a bakesal this sunday at our bike polo game. they will be selling rice crispy treats for 75 c and loaves of bannana bread for 3$.

this is to raise money so they can play in a tournement in dallas on the second of december

how lets all make sure to show up and buy stuff. I hear they have a chance of actualy winning a tourny playing against a bunch of texans swinging brooms


Dallas Bike Polo Tournament

Dallas Bike Polo Tournament

So Madison is thinking about going to dallas. Maybe we can set up a caravan or we might have some room for more players.

Talk soon,



It is the voted-on opinion of CBP that sponsorships are of limited use to bike polo as we play it now. The tournaments we plan are celebrations of community, and that community supports itself at those tournaments. Food, drink, places to overnight, respecting a ho-made trophy as a prize, etc.

That said, we aren't against, and are actually looking at a handful of very polo specific manufactured items for prizes or give aways. Headbadges, printed wheel guards, sets of mallets/balls, etc. T-shirts are out. I've got a drawer full of bike event t-shirts

Two things in response to the 3rd's hosted by Milwaukee, who pursued many sponsors, both local and national.

2 0n two or 3 0n 3 0r bolth

So when i suggested a two on two i just thought of it as a secondary tourny. I am playing with jake and crandle, in the 3 on three, but should we just do a two v two. i dont think so itheink we do bolth. and i dont think we need to be real strict about the different sit ies just to break up the bestes team , chicago can do whatever they like

oh and nyc can bring it we got a basher to mash her

fuck beruit

Can I get a ruling?

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Would this bike mod be allowed in a tournament? I figure soccer goalies can use their hands, hockey goalies get a bigger stick, etc. Aside from the Von Munz clause, we don't have any rules about bikes.