2012 Midwest Championships - Madison, WI

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Midwest Championships - Madison, WI

May 19-20

Door Creek Park

The Sacking of Arthur Ross


Recently, City of Madison Bike/Pedestrian Saftey Coordinator Arthur Ross was informed that he would no longer have a job as of mid 2011 as a result of a "budget measure" proposed my Mayor Dave. Arthur has been serving the city of Madison for 25+ years and is one of Madison's biggest bike advocates. It's a shame that his dedication to Madison and its bike community has been sneered at so openly by the Mayor and those on the Common Council who voted in favor of terminating his position.

Madison to Host the North American Bike Polo Championships

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We just got word this morning that Madison won the bid to host the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships. We are really excited for this opportunity and stoked about the possibilities that hosting this tournament will hold for us. More details will follow.

May 3rd: 4th Biannual Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships in Madison at the Thunderdome

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May 3rd: 4th Biannual Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships in Madison at the Thunderdome

Small ball, round robins followed by a bracket. Email us to let us know how many are comin.

winter classic photos etc

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If you have photos online somewhere, post a comment with a links to them.

awesome day, thanks all...

The Winter Classic (change of date: Feb 17)

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Teams of three, but not all players may come from the same city.

Prizes TBA, but at least one team will walk away with a "CMWC/Post-American-Apocalypse Survival Kit" containing some cold hard Canadian currency and a jerry can of 100% Venezuelan high-octane gasoline.

Tournament will be played "big ball" style.

More details to come, keep your eye on this space. Announce your teams here in a comment.

7 hours of polo

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Just got back from 7 hours of polo here at Reynold's field. Chicago was a no-show but Milwaukee represented with six of their best. the host city served up grilled quesadillas, 16 avocados worth of guacamole, 20lbs of tomatoes worth of salsa, and some crazy currant/blackberry pie, and there were copious 12 packs of cheap wisconsin beer.

We played mostly on grass, with a little hardcourt thrown in on the nearby thunderdome. Almost all games were mixed MKE/MSN, but near the end we threw in an intercity matchup with Jake Eric and Joe from Milwaukee vs Neil Ben and I--four out of six of the players who squared off in the finals in Chicago back in May. In my opinion MKE totally dominated in ball possession and scoring opportunities, but somehow Madison ended up winning the match 1-3, 3-2, 3-2.

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