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Mad Bike Polo meets UW Bike Polo


Ride the Drive - June 2010

Click a picture and get involved with the newest bike polo club in Madison - UW Bike Polo! This new addition to the bike polo scene in Madison is teaming up with Mad Bike Polo to launch the sport to a place it's never been here in Madison!

World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship

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Jonny and Pierre had a respectable showing at the 2011 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship in Seattle, WA.

Mad Bike Polo (Jonny Hunter, et al.) brings the heat to the Southeast!

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Shout out to Jonny and the other midwesterners that went down to Savannah GA this past weekend to give the south a taste what REAL bike polo is all about!!! Jonny, Dillman, and Matt Lane took home the top prize!!!


Midwest Championships - Bloomington IN

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Midwest Championships '11 079

Several pictures from our weekend in Bloomington

Mad bike polo with a strong showing:

5th place - Rainbow Bridge (MattR, Jonny, Pierre)
9th place - Giant Kid Penis (Ben H, Gutherie MKE, Chambo NYC)
Top 24 - Rusty Nutz (Sam C, Adam Ann Arbor, Pat Lex.)

2 v 2 Tourney in MKE

Check out the Breakaway Courier tourney in MKE on March 27th. If you're really feeling bold, sign up for a spot to play by following the directions on the League of Bike Polo website!

Bike Polo in Washington Post

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Thanks Bret for pointing out the recent Washington Post article about Bike Polo. A few familiar name drops and a shout out to Madison, WI!

Check it out... Washington Post

Madison to Host the North American Bike Polo Championships

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We just got word this morning that Madison won the bid to host the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships. We are really excited for this opportunity and stoked about the possibilities that hosting this tournament will hold for us. More details will follow.

Im published bike polo author

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hey polo players-
i wrote this article that appeared in the Wisconsin Bicyclist vol 14/no 1 spring 2008

wrote it while at work and for work so im a professional up jerks!


memorial day 2vs2 tourney in milwaukee

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if anyone wants to come out to milwaukee on monday memorial day to grill out and play some 2 v 2 at the pumping station court your invited.
im thinking around noonish show up drink some beer and form teams then play some games of bike polo. maybe some croquet too!

chicago may be sending up some folks so madison should rep with a few too if you dont already have plans

-Capt Jake

May 3rd: 4th Biannual Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships in Madison at the Thunderdome

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May 3rd: 4th Biannual Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships in Madison at the Thunderdome

Small ball, round robins followed by a bracket. Email us to let us know how many are comin.

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